Weekly Summary: Week One

This week I learned countless new skills: how to register for a domain/subdomain, creating and editing a WordPress site, using different apps (Collageable, Juxatpose, Dropbox), and how to link all of these different mediums to create a single source to view them all (this post!).

My week started with a reflection on my favorite part of our readings (Dorothea Lange) because I was mesmerized by her photography and visual storytelling skills.

I included both my Photo Safari, Photo Reflection, and Photo Safari reflection in one post for a more linear storytelling process. I enjoyed the Photo Safari the most because it helped me reflect on the beauty of my childhood home by using different perspectives I was encouraged to incorporate in my photographs.

I chose three different daily creates. Here reflected on libraries, here I spoke about how one of my biggest failures was my greatest, and here I made a joke comparing VantaBlack to the dismal state of politics, at the moment. The Twitter Daily Creates we also a big win for me because they were quick but helped me re-learn how to use Twitter pretty quickly.

A link to my spubble can be found here. This one I had to get creative with because the given site options weren’t working. But, thankfully it was a very simple assignment! I posted my places of peace assignment here and on Twitter. My superhero sighting and apocalypse story were also fun to create! Lastly, I posted a story of when my good boy saved me from a bird!

Overall, I feel like a learned a TON this week. It was not easy and felt like being thrown to the fire but I’ve learned that it’s doable if I allow myself the time to learn the material. I probably learned the most with the visual assignments because they all required me to use different apps and to think creatively if a certain avenue wasn’t working.