The day I, a good boy, saved a life from a winged intruder.

As a pit bull mix, I have a reputation on the streets, but I’m really the sweetest boy ever. When I was asked to tell a story, I knew the exact one. On a dark and stormy night, I rode home in my mom’s chariot with the wind blowing through my ears. We slept in mom’s bed and I knew that it was my job to protect her. The next morning, I heard voices coming from the box mom always watched…but here’s the kicker – I saw a monster with wings outside the see-through box! It was making a high-pitched noise and it was coming for us, I knew it. My ears perked up (silly mom was none the wiser) and I looked out the see-through box to protect and attack (it’s not in my nature, but you never know). I barked as loudly as I could and the winged monster flew away. I laid back down knowing I had successfully saved a life and would hopefully get a bone later.

If you’d like to tell your own thrilling tale – upload your most heroic pictures into a WordPress gallery and create a paragraph to tell your daring feat. Bark, bark!