DS106 Midweek Post

Hi, I’m Kelsey Proctor and this is my mid weekly summary!

Here are the links to my social media and digital identity accounts: Twitter, Flickr, Soundcloud, and my YouTube. The only new accounts I created here was Soundcloud! I heavily used Flickr in the past but haven’t in years, and I’m excited to get back into using that platform.

Interestingly, I had to create a domain and subdomain in another course for this summer. I created a second subdomain for DS106 and created a category to organize my posts specific to this course. Figuring out setting up the domain was difficult at first; especially because I tried to not use a subdomain or any given templates. Mistake! But accomplishing setting this up felt really cool because it’s absolutely a new skill for me and demystifies the interfaces I interact with on a double basis, to a certain extent.

I played with a couple different themes before settling on this one. Moving forward this week I’d like to also work on tweeking the appearance of my blog and my social media sites that may appear vacant.

I’m excited for this course and to see all the content everyone delivers!